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Topics Covered

Introduction to Connected Systems,Architecture of SOA,WCF versus Web Services,WCF Service & Client creation.

Definitions of-Service Contracts,Data Contracts,Tenets of EndPoints,Bindings Types,WCF Service Library development,Service Hosting,Client to Call Service development.

Hosting a WCF Service-upon an IIS Web Server,in a Managed Application,by using a Console Application,Multiple-EndPoint Service Creation,Multiple Services Hosting,Client’s Calling Services.

Fundamentals of EndPoints,EndPoints Configuration,Using-ServiceModel config,Configuration Editor,Declarative,Client End Points & Imperative Configuration.

Windows Services Introduction,Windows Service based WCF Service Hosting,Services of Windows Process Activation Overview,WAS based WCF Service Hosting.

Making Breaking & Nonbreaking Changes to a Service Contract,WCF Service development,Service Contract modification,Protecting Operations Selectively,Service Versioning.

WCF Service development,Data Contract & Data Member Attributes modification,Compatibility of Data contract.

Throwing and Catching a SOAP Fault,CLR Exceptions,SOAP faults,FaultReason,Fault Exceptions,Using Strongly-Typed SOAP faults,Handling Faults in Host Application & Client Application.

Overview of Patterns of Message Exchange,One-Way & Duplex Patterns

Data Persistence in WCF Services,Findings Bindings that support Sessions,Instancing Modes-PerCall,PerSession,Single Instancings,Session Modes,IsInitiating,Required,NotAllowed,Allowed,IsTerminating,Operation Contract Attributes.

Concurrency in WCF Applications,Defining of Concurrency Modes,Concurrency types:Single Thread,Multiple Threads,Reentrant Thread,Single Instancing

Transaction basics,Enabling and Using of Transactions in Services,Transaction Scope class,Transactions and Sessions,Transaction Timeouts.

Basics of Authentication,All Credentials:Transport Security,Message Security,Client,Service,Authentications,Basic & ASP.NET Membership

Authorization and Impersonation,Authentication with Role,WindowsPrincipal,Security with Role,Working with Identities,ASP.NET Role Provider.

Introducing WWF,Sequential Workflow Overview,State Machine Workflow Overview,Workflow Service-Developing,Hosting.

Using Activities-Send,Receive.

REST vs SOAP,Developing a RESTful service,REST and WCF.

Using Syndication Classes,ATOM feed,Syndication Feed,ATOM and RSS.

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