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Topics Covered

jQuery-Overview Benefits,List of features,Downloading,Installation,Using jQuery function,jQuery ready function vs. window.onload,jQuery vs. JavaScript ,Locations for writing jQuery Code.

Selectors & Filters-Basic jQuery Filters & Selectors,Learning on all types of filters:Attribute Filters,Content Filters,Visibility filters,Child Filters,Hierarchy Filters,Filters & Form Selectors,Events:Using-Event Handler Attachment methods,Event Object Properties,Form Events,Mouse Events,Keyboard Events

Working with-Filtering methods,Tree Traversal methods

The module includes training on the following CSS classes Manipulation,New content Insertion,Deletion of elements from DOM,Getting and Setting-Attributes of elements,CSS properties of elements

Using-Basic Effects,Sliding Effects,Custom Effects,Fading Effects.

Working with Theme Roller,Downloading jQuery UI Library,Exploring UI widgets and UI effects.

Using-Accordion widget,Dialog widget,Datepicker widget,Tabs widget,Slider widget,Autocomplete widget.

Custom jQuery Plugin creation,CSS and HTML preparation for plugin,Mouse events handling,Passing data to plugin.

Using-Global Ajax Event handlers,Shorthand functions,Helper functions.

Loading-Complete content of files,Partial content of files,Content through ASP.NET Web Services,Using:Retrieving content using GET method to from web services,AJAX method and it's options,POST method to retrieve content from web services,AJAXSETUP method and it's options.

Working with JSON MIME type,Parsing text to JSON format,Loading JSON data using-getJSON method and rendering it's response,get method and rendering it's response,AJAX based submitting form data in JSON format,Implementation of getJSON Methods and CallBack functions of get,Saving JSON data to Database

Setting up breakpoints,Using Debugging techniques-in FireFox using FireBug plugin,in IE using Developer Tools,in Chrome.

Enabling and Disabling features of DataTable,Displaying JSON data using DataTable,Downloading DataTable plugin,Attaching:Vertical Scrollbar to DataTable,And Horizontal Scrollbar to DataTable.

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