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Topics Covered

HTML 5 Overview,New features of HTML 5,Block Level Semantic Elements,Inline Semantic Elements.

Using:DATE, DATETIME, DATETIME-LOCAL, TIME, WEEK, MONTH Input Types,SEARCH Input Type,COLOR Input Type,NUMBER Input Type,TEL Input Type,RANGE Input Type,DATA LIST,PROGRESS Element,METER Element,FIELDSET & LEGEND elements,EMAIL Input Type,URL Input Type,Accessing RANGE data inside CSS 3 style sheets,PROGRESS vs METER Elements,Turning off Validations for:A FORM at FORM Level,A FORM at the time of FORM SUBMIT,Creating Input Types outside FORM declaration

Working with,ADDRESS & PROGRESS Element,MARK Element,METER Element,TIME Element,HEADER & FOOTER Elements,ASIDE Element,FIGURE and FIGCAPTION Elements,DETAILS and SUMMARY Elements,ARTICLE & SECTION Elements.

Using Audio Elements-Working with Audio Elements:Using -AUTOPLAY,POSTER,CONTROLS,HEIGHT & WIDTH,LOOP,PRELOAD,Learning the various Media Formats, Using Audio API-Using Video Elements-Implementation of PLAY, PAUSE, SETMEDIA, CANPLAYTYPE functions,Working with Video Elements:AUTOPLAY,POSTER,CONTROLS,HEIGHT & WIDTH,LOOP,PRELOAD Learning the various Media Formats functioning,Using Media API,Attaching a Custom Progress Bar,Building an HTML 5 Media Player,Buffering Videos,Developing a Play List,Loading videos Dynamically,Flash vs. HTML 5 Video Formats,Attaching SubTitles.

CANVAS API Introduction,Drawing Shapes:Rectangles,Ellipses,Circles.Functioning with Arcs:Drawing,Lines,Paths,Text,Images,Videos,Curves,Using-Transforms,Gradients.Understanding Animations,Drawing a Triangle,Rotating Content,Clipping Areas,Creating Effects,Thumbnails,Creating Charts

Introduction to Drag and Drop Events,Drag and Drop Effects Creation,Learning functionality of Drag and Drop Data Transfer Types.

Web Storage Introduction-Storing Values,Reading Values,Manipulating Values,Demonstrating Session Storage and Local Storage,Session vs Local Storage Options.

Overview of Geolocation,Using-Get Current Location,Watch Positions,Various Position Options functionality.

Offline Events Implementation,Introducing HTML 5 Offline Applications,Using Events,Caching of all types.

Using HTML 5 Web Sockets and HTML 5 Micro Data

Overview of HTML 5 Web Sockets,Web Sockets vs. HTTP Communication Formats,Web Sockets based development of an Application,Understanding HTML 5 Microdata and its Vocabulary,Browser Support verification,Using Microdata for developing an Application.

CSS 3 - Introduction,Using SELECTORS,Working with all types of Selectors-ID,Attribute,Child,Adjacent Sibling,Descendant,Universal,Type,Class,Query,Internal & External Style Sheet,CSS 3 - Working with,Backgrounds and Color Gradients:Scrolling a Background Image Working with Type Selector,Setting Background Color,Working with:Color Properties,Gradient Properties,Setting Background Image Working with Universal Selector.CSS 3 - Working with Fonts and Text Styles Using-Font Families,Percentage, Absolute and Relative Values Working with all types of Property:font-size-adjust,font-style,text-transform,text-indent,text-decoration,text-shadow,text-strike,CSS 3 - Using Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-Elements.Using:Dynamic Pseudo-Classes,Negotiation Pseudo-Classes,Target Pseudo-class,Structural Pseudo-Classes,Language Pseudo-class.CSS 3 - Using Frames and Effects ,Using all types of Effects:Opacity,Transformation,Transition,Frames creating using CSS 3.

Using Box Model ,Using:Padding,Margins,Border Properties,Columns,Rounded Corners.CSS 3 - Positioning Elements Using:Display & Visibility Property,Floating Elements,Applying the following Positions of an element,Fixed,Relative,Absolute,Overlapping of Elements,CSS 3 - Using List Styles ,Using the following Property types:list-style,list-style-image,list-style-position,list-style-shorthand,Floating Elements,Creating Horizontal Lists,CSS 3 - Using Layouts,Using:Auto Table Layout,border-spacing Property,Fixed Table Layout,border-collapse Property.

JavaScript Programming Introduction,Using:Variables and Operators,Control Flow Statements, Looping Statements,switch statement,Prompt boxes, alert & confirm .JAVASCRIPT - Using JavaScript Objects that are Built-in,Using-String Object & Boolean Object,Number Object & Array Object,Date Object & Math Object.JAVASCRIPT - Writing Functions,Working with:Functions,Using Function Scope and Closures,Using a Return Statement,Writing Functions with Parameters,JAVASCRIPT - Using Document Object,Using-Document Object Collection,Document Object Properties,Document Object Methods,Document Object with Forms,Creating and Deleting Cookies,JAVASCRIPT - Using Browser Objects,Using-Window Object and Navigator Object,Location Object,History Object and Screen Object.

JAVASCRIPT - Validating Forms,Validating:The Numbers & Required Fields,The Phone Number,The Time & Date Forms,The Credit Cards,The User Name and Password,The Zip Code & Email Address forms.JAVASCRIPT - Document Object Model Understanding,Understanding:DOM Nodes,DOM Levels,DOM Interfaces,JAVASCRIPT - Debugging & Exception Handling,Using the try-catch statement,Working with onerror event,Debugging using,Browser Sniffing,JSLint Checker.

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